The Ansaldi family

The Ansaldi family

March 23, 2021 2023-10-17 12:08

Giacomo Ansaldi leads the company with the help of his wife Paola, he an oenologist, she a sommelier.
Passionate researchers of wine history and Sicilian winemaking identity.

"In my opinion, the dreamers are the ones who do things. Who does not have a dream in the drawer, will never do anything extraordinary. He will only do the ordinary "

Giacomo Ansaldi



Giacomo, born and raised in the vineyard, experiences from an early age both the fatigue of working in the fields and the satisfaction that only a good and rich harvest can give. Intrigued and fascinated by the world of wine, he travels to get to know the leading producing countries in the world with the desire to deepen his knowledge thanks to experience and direct learning. Over time, awareness of the richness and potential of the Marsala area and all of western Sicily grows, as well as the desire to recover and enhance the historical identity of local viticulture and that is why in 2000 he bought the Baglio.


Identity and Wealth of the Sicily Vineyard

In addition to his activity as an oenologist, Giacomo develops and nourishes his soul as an “archaeologist / researcher” of relic vines. A professional path that leads him to take care of the editing / publication, in the context of a wider project of the Sicilian Region, of the volume “Identity and Wealth of the Sicilian Vineyard”. A real general treatise which, for the first time, strongly emphasizes the immense biological biodiversity of all the vines grown in Sicily.



Paola, after graduating from the conservatory, dedicated herself to her family and her two sons, Giorgio and Edoardo. Her musical sensitivity, her high aesthetic sensitivity, her innate gift of hospitality and ability to convey the history and identity of the territory, the passion for wine and the achievement of the title of sommelier have allowed her to take on a strategic role within the company.


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