Educational courses for schools

The Ansaldi farm also develops projects to approach nature and agricultural processes for groups of students. Educational visits can prove to be of great interest to pupils as a function of their school program and, in general, for their personal training.


Baglio Donna Franca

Baglio Donna Franca is an Agriturismo, Wine Resort and farm located in the Florio district, between Trapani and Marsala. From the perseverance and foresight of the Marsala winemaker Giacomo Ansaldi, the idea of giving the Baglio dei Florio a second life and a new use was born, in the center of one of the most historic wine-growing areas in Italy. Today the Ansaldi farm produces and markets completely organic products, the result of the work of man, nature and the careful and passionate study of the owners, respecting the most ancient local traditions, with a culinary genuineness now rare today, enhancing the identity and the roots of local specialties.


Excursions and recreational activities

Starting this year Donna Franca has decided to sensitize the local population to healthier food education, starting with the little ones. Through a trip and some playful activities, students can learn and appreciate methods of direct cultivation, the production of local foods and the preparation of the latter before being served at the table. An interesting journey into the world of history, cuisine, our culture, innovation applied to tradition, so that all the knowledge kept by our land and in the hearts of our families is not lost under the pressing chain of food industrialization.

An interesting journey into the world of history, cuisine, our culture,
innovation applied to tradition

Educational visit


From grapes to wine

7 € / Person

With a walk through the vineyards, through a demonstrative and fascinating story (simplified for children), the bunch of grapes and the harvest will be explained. From the rows we will move to the cellar where the vinification will be illustrated through a path between the various machines. Later we will visit the barrel room, where the wines live their aging period. At the end of the experience, typical products will be offered such as juices, homemade cakes, and bread made from ancient grains, jams and oil, organic products from the same farm. The little ones will have sheets, pencils, colors at their disposal and, accommodated in the various specially set up tables, they will be able to create a drawing that will illustrate the grapes, the harvest, and in general the experience made the same day.

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From the vineyard to the bottle


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